Substructure Waterproofing

Substructure waterproofing – Basements & Retaining walls (10 days course)

Course Level : 1
Course Name: Sub structure waterproofing – Basements & Retaining walls.
Starting date : 15th November 2021 (Apply on or before 13th November 2021)
No of days : 10 days
Days : Mon - Fri
Duration : 1 hr per day
Time : 7pm -8pm
Mode : Online ( Teams / Google meet )

Course Outline : Importance of basement waterproofing, Basement waterproofing systems, products, advantages and limitations,comparisons, various treatments, codes and standards, design approach, drawings and detailing, application methods, Importance of Retaining wall waterproofing, various systems and products, comparisons, design criteria, testing methods etc.