Pre – Applied HDPE

Pre - Applied HDPE

Course Level : 1
Course Name : Pre - Applied HDPE
No of days : 5 days
Duration : 1 hr per day
Time : 7pm -8pm
Mode : Online ( Teams / Google meet )

Course Outline : Introduction to waterproofing and insulation; Pre applied HDPE; Substructure Waterproofing - Basements and retaining walls; Types of foundation design; Sources of leakage; Design consideration, Design criteria; Basement waterproofing - Impact of failure, usage grade, waterproofing systems, products, products merits and demerits (preformed membranes), Product comparisons, Treatments (Pile cap insulation, rock anchor, pressure release pipe); retaining wall waterproofing - Design, application; Sectional drawing of Isolated footing, basement raft, confined retaining wall, base slab and grade slab; Repair and restoration of damaged HDPE membrane; Laying of membrane ( including tools, accessories, installation)